Final Mixes before Our Design Portion

Lab Note #10
Jul 07, 2014
Good Evening All,

Today was a glorious day.  Not only did I get to hang out with my handsome son and beautiful baby girl, I got to test concrete.

Today I tested the two difference sets of Geopolymer mixtures.  The first set was to verify if the compressive strength of the Geopolymer was accurate with a Recycled concrete Aggregate. The second set was used to determine if the Hemp fibers would enhance the Geopolymer.

The mixes with the recycled concrete aggregate were tested for compression at 28 Days and broke at 2950 psi.

With the hemp fibers and the recycled concrete aggregate, the compressive strength was reduced but within standard deviation (2800 psi).

Finally, the hemp fibers do not impeded the development of flexural with both sets of samples (with and without hemp fibers). Both sets of beams broke at 505 and 510 psi, respectively. THE GREAT PART ABOUT THE HEMP FIBERS IS THAT THEY HELD THE BEAMS TOGETHER AFTER FAILURE.  The beams without Hemp Fibers broke immediately.

I have attached a photo of the beams for your viewing pleasure.  

The next time you hear from us, you'll be reading/seeing a model of the Disaster Relief Home.

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