Experiments to resume very soon.

Lab Note #6
Apr 15, 2015

Hello All,

Good news from Texas....
Since the Acropora die off last fall due to a bacterial infection, Cat has restocked the two experimental tanks with Acropora and AEFW. The flatworm population is
growing and is almost to the point of being able to continue the experiments. Soon, with one more generation hatching, we'll have enough worms to resume the
starvation time and hatching time experiments. These experiments will give us a better picture of the variation among individuals and populations.

We will then try to determine the time taken to reach maturity and the percentage of embryos that hatch as larvae vs juveniles. Once we have all this data we
can incorporate it into a working protocol for AEFW control.

Then we can start to experiment with ways to eliminate them from the tanks.

So over the next few months you can expect more regular lab notes as the experiments get back underway and the data starts coming in.

Kate and Cat

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