Summer news from the AEFW tank.... a 'happy' accident?

Lab Note #7
Aug 27, 2015

Cat has had an frustrating, but potentially exciting, time of late. The currently planned AEFW life cycle experiments have been delayed because of that, but this delay may prove to be amazing.

She had the AEFW population up and ready for new life cycle experiments when they suddenly all died off. This was despite there being many healthy host corals in the tank! This was an extremely unexpected event, and we have begun researching why this might have happened. While this is slowing down our planned experiments, we might have accidentally stumbled across a potential reef safe in-tank treatment.

We’re not going to say anymore at this point as we want to see if we can repeat this 'accidental' die off of AEFW.

Cat is restocking her Acropora with AEFW right now, and once the population has regrown we will continue with both the life cycle experiments and the potential AEFW treatment as well.

We will keep you posted.

Kate & Cat

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