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"Doing Good", Differentiators, and Updates!

Lab Note #3
Jun 05, 2014
Dear MyHealthEd Supporters,

Hello again! In the recent weeks, we participated in Teach For America's Final Round Interview Day in San Francisco. The two of us really enjoyed advocating for MyHealthEd and soliciting feedback from a diverse group of judges both within the Teach For America organization and outside of it. In particular, we had the pleasure to interview with Chris Gergen, CEO of Forward Impact, an organization that supports budding entrepreneurs in North Carolina. Gergen also publishes a biweekly column in the News & Observer titled "Doing Good" and even featured MyHealthEd in an article back in April. Thanks, Chris!

In early May, Liz presented the MyHealthEd project at the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of North Carolina's (APPCNC's) annual conference titled, "NSFW: Turning Unmentionables Into Prevention." NSFW stands for "not safe for work" and there were vibrant discussions about porn and masturbation among other topics, and arguments to support including these topics in sexual health education in schools instead of ignoring them. In her presentation, Liz led a discussion about the MyHealthEd's unique feature that will differentiate students. What does this mean? Participants brainstormed different ways the future individualized version of MyHealthEd can meet students at their own level. MyHealthEd can potentially differentiate based on:

  • Geographic region (rural vs. urban characteristics)
  • Ethnicity
  • Reading level
  • Age
  • Relationship status
  • Level of sexual experience/activity
  • Type of sex practiced (oral, vaginal, anal)
  • Sexual preference/orientation

Are there other ways we can individualize the sexual health education experience for students? Let us know!

The UNC Institutional Review Board (IRB) final approved our MyHealthEd pilot test study at the end of April. Therefore, this did not leave sufficient time for students in our partner Eastern North Carolina high schools to pilot test the intervention. Thus, we will be utilizing this summer to improve the current sexual health modules, establish an advisory board, and develop better partnerships with our schools prior to pilot testing the one-size-fits-all version of MyHealthEd in the fall semester.

We are looking forward to seeing each other back in North Carolina next week when we attend Northampton County High School's graduation on June 10th. This is the high school where we both taught and this year's seniors are the students Liz taught in her second year of TFA. Congratulations NCHS class of 2014!


Liz & Vichi
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