a temporary pause on the AEFW experiments....

Lab Note #4
Oct 20, 2014

Hello all,

Since our last report in July Cat has been very busy maintaining the original AEFW tank and setting up a second tank for the life cycle experiments. Unfortunately in August a restocking of Acropora for the original tank bought with it a bacterial infection (possibly a Vibrio species) that has killed off most of the colonies. Cat has managed to save and revive a few corals by reducing the tank water temperature and treating them with the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin but this unfortunate event means that the AEFW experiments are currently on hold until we have healthy corals again. This is an unexpected setback for our experiments that will mean a delay in getting more results for the questions we’re asking. However, we are able to get more corals and Cat will build up the tanks and AEFW population over the coming months and restart the experiments as soon as possible. Cat is working very hard to establish and maintain these AEFW systems, and these experiments (including the hiccups along the way) will take time. We'll let you know when the tanks with healthy acros are open for AEFW business again and we resume the experiments. Thanks for your interest and support, best wishes, Kate & Cat

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