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Phase 1 Feasibility Testing -- Done!

Lab Note #5
Feb 09, 2015

Dear MyHealthEd Supporters,

Happy 2015! We cannot believe that time has flown by so quickly these past few months – a lot has happened!

Our team has completed phase one of feasibility testing for our online sex education course (adapted from Reducing the Risk). Ninth grade students in an Eastern North Carolina high school completed the course in their regularly scheduled health classes and provided us with rich feedback about the course website, the presentation of the information, and the implementation of the online sex education course. We are in the process of synthesizing lessons learned and modifying our course before phase two of feasibility testing begins this spring.

Justin has been working on compiling resources for our teacher companion website. In addition, he has created a new MyHealthEd logo for our project that better captures the kinds of work we do merging online technologies with health and education. We look forward to unveiling this new logo in the coming weeks!

Kendra has been spearheading a new part of our pilot tests this spring – student focus groups and health educator interviews. In addition to sharing their feedback via survey, we feel that it is crucial for our team to provide the opportunity for stakeholders (students and health educators alike) to come together and discuss their user experience with our MyHealthEd team.

Next, Joy has been translating content into videos using GoAnimate.com's software. Additionally, she is in the process of developing new content for chat modules so that students have additional practice navigating realistic text/IM conversations using the skills they have just learned. Check out screenshots of one of her videos and our chat simulator below:

Moving forward, we are revamping our course and pilot testing with more students in Eastern North Carolina this spring. Be on the lookout for an update with our new logo in the coming weeks! As always, thanks for all of your continued support!

Liz & Vichi

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