Three quarters of the way there

Lab Note #1
Mar 23, 2014

Hi Everyone,

First of all, for those of you who've donated to the project, thank you so much! We're coming up on the end of the first week and we're already at 77%! I am so excited by everyone's interest and enthusiasm.

For those who haven't donated yet, there's still time! We may be cruising into the baseline goal, but this system is rich with exciting questions that I can't wait to explore. With a bit more money, after the first goal is reached, we might be able to tackle some really awesome extension questions. More on that if we can hit 100%!

A bit more on how lab notes are going to work: Over the next month of preparations, and throughout the summer, I'll be updating with pictures, videos, and stories about how this research is going. These posts will be backer-only as a thank you for investing in the project. That means, you need to give at least a dollar to stay in the loop!

The second week is going to be the one that determines just how far we're going to be able to take this project, and traffic has been dropping off, so please share widely, encourage your friends to get involved, and let's see if we can hit 100%! That way, the final week of fundraising can be all about extending this research in some awesome other directions.

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Thanks for your help to make this exciting research happen!


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