We did it! Now let's keep going!

Lab Note #4
Apr 16, 2016

As of a few hours ago our project met its initial funding goal! Thank you so much to everyone has contributed... so far. Now a quick moment of CELEBRATION.

And one more for Becky, because she really likes penguins...

OK, now that's we've had a brief moment of celebration, it's time to get back to work! When I was developing this campaign, I was told to ask for the bare minimum, and that's what I did. But now that we've reached our first goal, which guarantees we get the money with the all-or-nothing crowdfunding model, it's time to keep going!

The way the actual methods of stable isotope analysis works (which I'll explain in greater detail in a future lab note) we can analyze carbon and nitrogen from one sample at the same time. We can also analyze oxygen and carbon from one sample at the same time. The carbon and nitrogen analysis is a bit cheaper, so I asked for money to fund that first. Now that we've ensured we'll be able to do the first round of analysis, I want to see how much MORE we can raise to get the carbon and oxygen done too.

If you've already donated, thank you so much! We're so excited to have made it this far and are excited to keep going! You'll see on the main project page that we've added a stretch goal. Please continue to help us promote the project online so we can continue raising funds to make this study even better by being able to generate more DATA!

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