Ryan J. Haupt

Ryan J. Haupt

Ph.D. Candidate

University of Wyoming

People often ask me when I became fascinated with sloths. The honest answer is that one day I was meeting with my Masters advisor and we were brainstorming projects. She mentioned what I thought was a really cool question about armadillo and sloth teeth (neither have enamel, just dentin that keeps growing). With that, I was off to the races, designed a project to test how well the microscopic texture of their teeth records the food they eat, finished up my Masters and realized I still had a lot more questions about these really weird animals. So I started a Ph.D. at the University of Wyoming and have continued to develop research projects to try and figure out just what exactly is going on with these weirdos. I really like my job. In my off hours, I produce and host my popular podcast, Science... sort of, which I'm immensely proud out.
March 2016
Laramie, Wyoming


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