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Pterosaur paper is out

Lab Note #3
Aug 20, 2015

Well the second bonus paper is now published, also in PeerJ: https://peerj.com/articles/1191/ This was a bit unexpected (well I knew I'd submitted it, but not that it would be out today) so I don't have anything special to go with it. Still, it's done, and it's online and can be read for free.

This will then be my last update on this project - everything is done and published in the scientific literature, so this really is the end. My thanks again to everyone who has sponsored and helped with this project, it really could never have happened without you.

It's taken a while of course, but we now have two scientific papers published from this one project and I and others have accounts paid for with PeerJ that will help facilitate future publications. That is, I hope, a good return!



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