Maria's poster for upcoming workshop

Lab Note #25
Oct 02, 2014

After a productive summer, all of our measurements are complete.  Maria and I are going to the "Workshop on Chemical Atmosphere-Snow-Sea Ice Interactions" in Cambridge, UK later this month.  Her poster is below, and is a more lengthy version of what we included in the Uintah Basin Winter Ozone Study 2014 report.  Many of the world's experts on this topic will be there, so it will be incredibly helpful to get their feedback on our work so far.

The next step in this project is to compute the fluxes of reactive nitrogen from the snow using our data and two computer models, one that calculates the intensity of ultra violet (UV) sunlight throughout the depth of the snowpack, and the second that computes the chemistry in the snow that is driven by the UV sunlight. The first model was written in basic by one of our emeritus professors, and is arguably the best of its kind.  We have hired a computer programmer to translate this outdated language to Python (which is free and open-source).  This has been going well so far, but requires a lot of testing to make sure the model runs as expected.  The second model was designed for deep snowpacks in Antarctica, and we will need to make some minor modifications to the code (also written in Python) to work for the shallow snowpack of Utah.  

All of this coding will take some time, and Maria is also finishing up another paper about snow chemistry in Antarctica and its implications for ice-core records.  So if you don't hear from us in awhile it is because we are buried in Python code.......

Thanks again for your support!

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