Paper submitted for publication!

Lab Note #30
May 19, 2016

Maria has submitted her paper for publication in a scientific journal called Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. This is an open-access journal, which means that anyone with access to the internet can read it for free without a subscription. It also has a special issue for the field campaign in which we participated in Utah. You can check out Maria's paper here, and a list of other papers in the special issue here.

This begins the process of peer review, which is where other scientists that are experts in this area of research read and comment on the paper, and ultimately advise the editor on whether or not the paper should be accepted or rejected for publication in the journal. This usually involves at least one round of revisions before it is accepted. Since this is an open-access journal, you will have access to these reviews when they are published.

If you download the .pdf from the journal's web site, and scroll down to the acknowledgements section, you will see where your support via is acknowledged. Thanks again for your support of this project!

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