The waiting commences

Lab Note #2
Apr 02, 2014

THIS is the hard part...

I'm on pins and needles for the dating results. They take time, and I know it. But I'm not good at waiting - I want the results NOW!

Ah well. The fossils have been waiting millions of years to be appreciated. They can wait a little longer.

I've submitted my abstract to BSA. I'm part of the Miocene of the Western US symposium, and I've very excited to be speaking there. It turns out that I have in-person class that week (the one week in the semester I'm supposed to be in class WOULD coincide with the conference), so I will be "day-tripping" it (flying out the evening before, then returning that evening) to the conference. My instructors felt it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up, but missing one day DOES mean that I will be writing a paper on the topics discussed in my class. It's worth it, though!

Meanwhile.... I wait. Practice my morphotyping and say "Om" a lot. Look at fossils. And feel very, very grateful!

Please wait...