Tim Dobbs

Tim Dobbs

May 22, 2024

Group 6 Copy 1,475
  • 1. Porcar, M. et al. Microbial Ecology on Solar Panels in Berkeley, CA, United States. Front. Microbiol. 9, 3043 (2018).
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  • 3. Willing, C. (2019). The Redwood Microbiome: Microbial community composition and functional consequences of plant-microbe interactions for the tallest species on Earth. UC Berkeley. ProQuest ID: Willing_berkeley_0028E_19064. Merritt ID: ark:/13030/m5353s4g. Retrieved from https://escholarship.org/uc/item/4jw1j1js
  • 4. Andrzej, Witkowski & Lange-Bertalot, Horst & Kociolek, Patrick & Kulikovskiy, Maxim & Bąk, Małgorzata & Ruppel, Manfred. (2010). Diatom flora of San Francisco bay and vicinity. II. Fogedia krammeri sp. nov. Polish Botanical Journal. 55. 49-53.
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    About This Project

    BioArtBot is an open-source initiative that enables users to create playful pixel designs using colored bacteria on agar plates. We aim to inspire broader community engagement by incorporating locally-sourced pigmented bacteria into BioArtBot’s color palette. This will involve developing a new workflow, accessible curriculum resources, and piloting an open workshop format that utilizes these local palettes, making BioArtBot more adaptable, relevant, and empowering to different communities.

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