Example of Healthy Neutrophils

Lab Note #13
Apr 23, 2014

After you watched this movie of neutrophils from a healthy person, you should try to compare it to the previous movie of defective neutrophils (April 21 lab note).  You will note that the healthy neutrophils do not stop when encountering the posts in the middle of the channels.  Instead, they zip around quickly without even slowing down.  You will also note that healthy neutrophils pick the shortest route when the channels split.  You may say that, yes, they just keep going straight, that is easy...  but you only need to watch the same channels in the movies with defective neutrophils, to see that even going straight could be a challenge.  

Overall, healthy neutrophils move fast, persistent, and directional. They are so perfect that is almost boring watching them moving through the channels.  But, when you remember that these are the cells protecting each of us from infections, you may be glad that nature made such a "boringly perfect" cell.  Now, if we could just fix the neutrophils in patients with large burns... 
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