Recycled Concrete Aggregate Part 2 of 2

Lab Note #9
May 28, 2014
Good Afternoon Backers,

The second part of our Recycling Effort is to replace all the aggregate in the Geopolymer Concrete with Recycled Concrete Aggregate.

Once a concrete structure or slab is ripped out and replaced the concrete is normally destined for a landfill.

Within the last decade there has been a large reclaiming of waste concrete and its employment in road base.

We are looking to go a step further in using Recycled Concrete Aggregate in our Geopolymer Mixture.

Attached you will find 2 Examples of Sand that are used in Concrete Mixtures - Masonry Sand and Concrete Sand.

We have also included the Recycled Concrete Aggregate we are going to use.

More to come!!!!


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