Study Update!

Lab Note #1
Mar 25, 2014

Things are about to start getting interesting!

Once again - thank you to everyone who generously made a donation to support this research project. Just a couple of hours ago I received an email stating that the study has received IRB approval and can begin immediately!

The first stage of the study requires participants to complete an online survey and recruitment for this will begin in the next couple of weeks. By the end of April I hope to be bringing our first participants into the lab for the second stage of the study! I can't wait to begin analyzing some of the preliminary data and to share it with all of you first!

I can tell you now that our pilot testing has been going well and that it does appear that we will be able to pick up on important differences in electrodermal activity as a function of the type of PDA participants are witnessing! This is a crucial element to being able to detect group differences in the patterns of reactions that participants have, so I am very excited that things appear to be going well in this respect.

Thanks again!

Karen Blair

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