Winter Crow Banding and Outreach a Success!

Lab Note #2
Feb 09, 2014

Yesterday, we spent the morning out in Ithaca, NY banding wild-caught crows to add to the study population our group has maintained for well over two decades. We were also able to provide an opportunity for young ornithologists to learn, hands-on, how birds are banded! We were also happy to host a photographer and journalist who was thrilled at the opportunity to learn about our favorite urban bird.

We were a bit chilly in the snow, but all the excitement kept us nice and toasty!

People had a great time learning the different morphology of the individual birds, including seeing the differences between juvenile and adults! After each crow was banded and tagged, they were carefully measured and a small blood sample was taken to determine sex and parentage as well as screen for West Nile Virus antibodies and other interests. After that, the crows were released back into the wild to go about their lives.

And so, the crows flew off with their new bands and tags, presumably to live long and happy lives! We hope to see them again soon!

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