Thesis Completed!

Lab Note #1
May 08, 2014
We Did It!!

I am very happy to announce that all of your support has taken this little dream of building Icelandic renewable energy models and turned it into a 117 page thesis that we are all quite proud of indeed. Inside of 1 year, our project was viewed in 57 countries including the Philippines, Germany, Brazil, and Hong Kong, and has been accepted for 4 engineering conferences for special presentations. We are awaiting publication of our research as well, which would bring me one step closer to becoming that published writer I have always wanted to become... now to work on my romance novel.

We will get out the first drafts of the technical paper and a sleek presentation slideshow for your viewing pleasure as soon as they become available online. I can't thank each and every one of you enough.

All the best,

Michael Sugar
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