True Cell Phones on the Way: This is how we end up in The Matrix!

Lab Note #1
Sep 03, 2014

About that deal Keanu Reeves negotiated at the Nexus of the Matrix.....

[Morpheus Explains to Neo that The Matrix has been using humans as batteries] 

True Cell Phones Could Be On The Way

Utah researchers have just launched a crowd-funding campaign that will provide the means to begin making electrical power from living systems much like the power cells in the Matrix movie series.

It turns out that using biology to create true "cell" phones is a lot closer than you might have thought.

Imagine that when your Android or IPhone is running low on charge that what you need to do is stop in to the nearest Starbucks or Quickie Mart and share a sip of something sweet with your phone. It might be as simple as whispering sweet some-things in it's ear. And with nary a burp your phones internal cells will happily produce all the power you need.

In a real world biotech meets sci-fi story this Utah start-up is about to begin the work of putting cells into cell phones and you can be a part of it through the science oriented crowd-funding site, says Dr. Carol Lynn George - CEO of the Salt Lake City biotech start-up 32ATPs.

Present day batteries are convenient but they are far from organic and come at the cost of the creation of toxic waste, which goes directly into our landfills and environment.

Dr. George's new company 32ATPs has innovative technologies that will lessen the environmental impact of energy production and storage for use in our electronic devices. At the same time this living energy will increase the battery life of our handheld devices, and maybe make them downright friendly more like a beloved pet than a cold piece of technology.

By harnessing the power of natural cellular energy production the goals of this project are to engage in research and development on biological energy production and storage with the intention of commercializing cell based "living batteries" for all manner of portable phone, tablets, laptops, and other electricity powered devices.

Elon Musk and his TESLA car team may well find they are facing a true run for the money as their banks of flammable lithium batteries are replaces with friendly biological energy, the power of the proverbial caged hamster under the hood to keep your electric car running.

Or better yet perhaps Elon will hedge his lithium battery bet and invest a bag of hamster food in in Dr. George and her team.

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