How to extract a snail from its shell:

Lab Note #1
Mar 19, 2014

    How to extract a snail from its shell:

    1. Find and collect snails in the field

    2. Place snail in an airtight container filled to the brim with water and leave submerged for a day.

    3. Remove water and examine it under microscope for anything that might have been shed by the snail.

    4. Submerge snail in 75% ethanol for another day.

    5. Remove day-old ethanol; replenish container with fresh ethanol and leave for another day.

    6. Snail mantle should be completely out of its shell by now. Hold snail by mantle and extract meat from shell by slowly twisting it in a corkscrew-like motion.

    7. If snail is still not quite out of its shell, place in ethanol for another day or so and try to extract it again.

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