Recycled Hemp Fibers Part 1 of 2

Lab Note #8
May 28, 2014
Good Afternoon Backers today is all about Recycled Products,

We are currently waiting on some 14 day breaks (Friday, 5/30/14) before we move onto the final 2 rounds of Geopolymer Mixtures.

For these mixtures we will be incorporating both Recycled Hemp Fibers (Part 1) and Recycled Concrete Aggregate (Part 2).

Attached to this Lab Note are the Recycled Hemp Fibers that we will be using.

We will be using a combination of these Hemp Fibers to gave both tensile strength and insulation values.

Below is an explanation of the fiber types shown in the attached:

A - Raw Hemp Long Fiber - This raw hemp fiber is right from the stalk. It has not been processed but has been combed and the fibers have been somewhat separated from one another. The fiber lengths can be anywhere from 3 inches to 36 inches. Used for making a variety of products such as paper, building materials, insulation, twine, stuffing, and rope ( 2014).

B - Raw Hemp Short Fiber - This raw hemp fiber has been cut to pieces of 1 cm in length (0.5 inch). It has not been processed or combed in any other way. This fiber is used for a variety of products such as paper, building materials, insulation, twine, stuffing, and a strengthening agent in molds of plastic or plaster ( 2014).

C - De-Gummed Hemp Fiber - De-gummed hemp fiber has been processed to remove lignin. Lignin is a product of the hemp plant which holds fibers together and gives the stalks their rigidity. When removed from the fibers, they begin to separate, becoming softer and finer. These fibers are now thin enough for spinning alone or blending with other fibers. De-gummed hemp fiber is soft absorbent and may be used as a natural stuffing for upholstery or pillows, or used as a soft animal bedding ( 2014).

D - Combed Hemp Fiber - Combed Hemp fiber is the product just before spinning hemp into yard and is used to make twine, yarn cordage, textiles, paper and hand crafts. Fiber length is greater than 4 to 5 inches ( 2014). 

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