We're getting close!

Lab Note #3
Apr 22, 2014
Got word from the lab:  I should get the dating results by mid-May. 

I'm on pins and needles.  What if the date comes back, and it's very recent?  Then I've got some of the youngest Ginkgo in Washington?  What if it's very old?  Then I've got another mystery.  Will I have time to deal with it?? 

What if we don't get a date?  Then I'm no worse off than I've always been, and besides, negative results are still results!

It's exciting!

I have the fossils borrowed from Denver packed up and ready to ship back.  They're all scanned.  The long lanceolate leaves are still a bit of a mystery; I know what they aren't, but am unsure what they are.  I still think they may be Podocarpus, but I wish I could see verified Podocarpus fossil leaves to be sure.  I may simply have to phrase it exactly like that:  "This leaf isn't X, and it isn't Y - I think it may be Z".  Then let the chips fall where they may.  I wish I could be sure before declaring it publicly.  I guess we'll see.
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