The A2 Regime is done, now what?

Lab Note #16
Sep 01, 2014

Subjects have made it through the A2 dosage period and are now being returned to normal diets :)

We pushed really hard this last week to get as much data as possible. One of the things we were doing was collecting secondary data to back up the ERG readings. Subjects participated in additional Farnsworth-Munsell tests, Visual Contrast Sensitivity testing, and Snellen testing while wearing a pair of goggles with with infrared goggles for lenses.

The FM tests continue to show the degradation of colour recognition in the blue/green area of the spectrum in subjects. There was no conclusive data from the VCS test. The Snellen test was done in bright daylight conditions, and subjects were able to read down to the 3rd and partial 4th lines of the charts while the control was unable to complete the second line. The control normally has perfect eyesight when not wearing the testing goggles.

We will continue to take readings and work with the secondary data to see how long it takes until the eyesight of the subjects returns to normal. We are expecting 2 weeks.

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