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Katriona Guthrie-Honea | Bergen McMurray

Hive Bio Community Lab

This project was funded on:
2 May 2013
Thank you to everyone who has supported HiveBio thus far. As of April 17th we've reached our basic funding goal of $5100! We're so excited to find so much enthusiasm and support from the DIYbio community.

Embracing the principals of open access to information, DIYbio seeks to demystify science through education. It is with this focus that we've decided to utilize the "Stretch Goal" option that Microryza offers. We're adding the cost of materials for 2 classes to our budget. The cost of Basic Microbiology and Hands on Neurophysiology totals $1270. If we can reach this new goal we can offer scholarship for these classes for those who can't afford materials costs. Thank you for helping to support science education!

See our budget for more about these classes.


Budget Overview

6 × $650 for 1 month of rent = $3,900 6 × $150 for utilities = $900 $100 for extra disposables $200 for advertising Total = $5,100

In order to reach our goal we require the necessary equipment, disposables and chemicals for our work. We also need to acquire level 1 lab certification and meet with a lab facilities expert in order to ensure the safety of the lab. Thankfully, we have already received donations of equipment and disposables and a professional lab facilities expert has offered a donation of her time to help us achieve safety standards. What we require at this time is the financial assistance of the community to help us secure the lab space, purchase the necessary chemicals and produce marketing materials.

Stretch Goal Budget:

Basic Molecular Biology: DNA isolation, PCR, Gel electrophoresisMaterials cost - $1048

Hands on Neurophysiology: Basic Brain Dissection (with Resin Casting)Materials cost - $222

Basic Molecular Biology: Focus on learning molecular biology through a hands-on class teaching DNA isolation, PCR and Gel electropheresis. No experience necessary.

Hands on Neurophysiology: Identify different areas in the brain while performing a basic brain dissection. Also, take home a keepsake; after the dissection we'll be casting slices of the brain in clear resin.

Meet the Researcher


We are located in Seattle, WA. The project is headed by Bergen McMurray (Co-Director) and Katriona Guthrie-Honea (Co-Director). Bergen is a student of neuroscience and has worked with the Allen Institute for Brain Science and Jigsaw Renaissance. Katriona is a student at Ingraham High School and an intern at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. P.S. Photo accreditation goes to, and lofaesofa from Flickr

Currently, it is nearly impossible for a bioscience enthusiast to gain hands-on experience in a lab without a formal science degree. This requires a level of income that creates an inappropriate gap between means and access to education. In addition, science education in US schools is often ineffective. The existence of a DIYbioscience lab opens up opportunities to both adults and children that they would otherwise not have. DIYbio spaces are present in almost every major city in the US. Seattle is one of the few cities with a big biotech industry lacking a community lab space.

Many people are still afraid of biotech, especially DIY bio! We want to help expose it to the community and show how not all biotech workers want to start World War 3. In addition, we want to challenge the current standard that bioscience only belongs in the hands of a few highly trained individuals. We believe that putting the tools of science in the hands of citizen scientist supports true innovation.

Read more on Katriona's blog and our website!

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