Moving Into The New Laboratory

Lab Note #7
May 24, 2014
Good Morning Backers,

Thanks again for your support and we do apologize for the delay.


About two weeks ago the contractors finished the final renovations on our new laboratory.  

To christen the new laboratory we conducted 3 Geopolymers mixes for our Disaster Relief project.

The purpose of the 3 mixes was to increase the early strength of the mix.  Currently we are reaching a littler under 2000 psi at 14 days. 

When we will be lifting our panels for storage we will need more strength to reduce the cracking during transportation.

In order to achieve early strengths we took our current mix and reduced the total design water.  Our original water to geopolymer binder ratio of 0.45. 

Two of the 3 mixes had a water to geopolymer binder ratio of 028.  While the third mix had a water to geopolymer binder ratio of 0.45, the mix design was changed incorporate a higher paste volume and lower aggregate volume.

Attached are the materials for the 3 new mixes that we will be breaking next week. After these breaks we will be on the downhill portion of this project.

There are 3 milestones left in our current project:

1. Replacement of granular skeleton with recycled concrete aggregate
2. Incorporation of hemp fibers for flexural strength
3. Design and Fabrication of Disaster relief home model.

We are excited to moving onto the next stages of this awesome project.  

We plan to continue our endeavors into Phase 2 of our Disaster Relief home project.

Stay tuned for more details and thanks again for your support.


Jon and Whitney Belkowitz
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