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My heart horse, Ricochet Bey, suffered a traumatic illness resulting in laminitis and founder. The vet and farrier performed a bilateral grooved coronary band hoof resection, going to deep (bilaterally) ending up with the corium prolapsing. The scarring to the CB has prevented his hoof from having a positive blood flow and subsequently he has had a 50% demineralization of P3. He has continued to thrive in spite of it, I have journals and photos galore chronicling this event. I asked every expert I could find about the feasibility of such a study. I wish I could give more, but Ric requires a lot to maintain his health. Thank You! Catherine Dmochowski (and CCD Ricochet Bey).
Oct 05, 2014
Are Implanted Prosthetic Legs for Horses Possible?
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