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Tim, I am a Pakeha Kiwi, not Maori, but you need to understand that since European settlement Maori have had their Taonga (treasures) ripped off and never received any or little financial return. As the first people who have a treaty with British Crown allegedly preserving their rights over such things they are (rightfully in my personal view) very sensitive about such issues. They take their katiaki (guardianship) role very seriously. Genuinely involve them from the beginning, allow them input and return some of the benefit to them and you will usually find them very supportive. However if they think you are on the wrong track or are doing their Taonga or themselves a disservice and you will certainly know about it. They have been very generous about sharing much but that has often been taken advantage of and so they tend to be a bit more wary these days!
Mar 11, 2016
Sequencing the genomes of all known kākāpō
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