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I really would like to donate more because I enjoy your Tumblr blog but I hate a damn spider, Lol JK. To be honest I really didn't like spiders while growing up because to some kids they are scary, especially after seeing a Carolina Wolf spider with babies. I also had a bad dream when I was young. A spider crawled on my face and tried to suffocate me in the dream. When I started taking Macro pictures with my zoom lens and reading your blog is when I started to care and not scare. The only reason I can't donate more is because I'm on a fixed income. I'm disabled from a work injury at the shipyard. Sorry for the long post, keep up your great work and thanks for The bug ID's and showing my bug pictures :)... I know you will reach your goal :) Stevegumby tumblr Steve
Aug 24, 2014
Spiders of Yasuni: How do their Physical Traits Determine their Lifestyle?
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