Adia Bulawa

Adia Bulawa


Published on Jul 14, 2015

Update! :D

Hello to all of our fabulous backers. We are here to give you an update. We are filling out all the required paperwork to launch NanoETON - we are very grateful that we have NanoRacks helping us wi...

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Published on Apr 27, 2015


We were very concerned about the condensation that occurred during our experiments with NanoETON - how would we get good pictures??? Then we realized that microgravity would probably effect conden...

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Published on Apr 19, 2015

NanoETON Trials

We are doing some final testing on NanoETON.

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Published on Apr 11, 2015

NanoRacks is Awesome!!!!

We got to Skype with Spencer Conn from NanoRacks. We found out the amazing technology NanoRacks has to offer. NanoRacks will supply led lights for our plants and we will be able to ...

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Published on Apr 05, 2015

Houston We Have a Problem

(Fortunately not a big one!!!) Throughout our studies we have analyzed plant growth on Plantarium plant gel that is "NASA Engineered and Tested in Space". When we decided to restock on our supp...

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Published on Mar 27, 2015

100% Funded!!! Thank you!

THank you so much for making our dream come true! :)

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Published on Mar 19, 2015

This Week In Science (TWIS) Interview

Check out our interview with This Week In Science with Dr. Kiki, Ms.Blair, and Mr.Justin, starting at the 31 minute mark!

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Published on Mar 02, 2015


This patch was part of an Official Flight Kit on SpaceX4. It was manifested at the request of the International Space Station on behalf of the National Aeronautics Space Administra...

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Published on Feb 28, 2015

Huffington Post - News :)

Thanks for the great article!!

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Thank you so much for your support and donation - we are very bery excited to be able to attend the ASGSR next year!!!
Feb 18, 2015
Sending the Garden of ETON to Space
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Thank you so much for your support and exposure of our project. We really appreciate it.if you know of any other opportunities for our project to gain exposure please let us know. Thanks again! Adia and Chicks in Space
Dec 31, 2014
Sending the Garden of ETON to Space
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