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Published on Jun 13, 2019

Types of Fossils

When you think of a fossil what comes to mind? Probably the skeletal bones of different extinct animals right? Well paleontology encompasses more than just bones, in fact fossils come in a lot of d...

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Published on Jun 09, 2019

Paleontology News of the Week

Here we bring you paleontology related papers published within the past week or so; we will include a link to the published paper along with a small summary. This isn't a complete record of everyth...

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Published on Jun 07, 2019

Fossil Friday: Colorado's State Fossil

Stegosaurus was named the state fossil of Colorado in 1982 due to its history of discovery. Many specimens have been found in state including the holotype specimen.Stegosaurus lived in the Kimmerid...

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Published on Apr 12, 2019

Fossil Friday: The Littlest Giant

Happy Fossil Friday! Today we're introducing you to our own sauropod, Littlefoot! Most of you probably remember that name from the animated films of a plucky young sauropod who went on adventures w...

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Published on Apr 10, 2019

Walter's Mural

Walter the hadrosaur has been a big part of starting up the paleontology program that our project is apart of so here we have a time lapse of the department creating a beautiful mural depicting our...

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Published on Apr 10, 2019


Thank you to everyone who supported us! Now you get to see how we celebrate getting 239% funded and being just under 2.5k!

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Published on Apr 05, 2019

Fossil Friday: Sandwash Turtles

Fossil Friday: Sandwash TurtlesHappy Fossil Friday! Today we're presenting two turtle specimens collected side by side from an area known as Sandwash Basin. We believe these turtles lived about 50 ...

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Published on Apr 04, 2019

Science with Sue: Geologic Time

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Published on Mar 29, 2019

Fossil Friday: Morrison Fm Theropod Teeth

For today's fossil Friday we're showing you some theropod teeth we found while prospecting new dig sites in the summer of 2018. These were found at a single locality in the Morrison Formation among...

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