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Dear Margaret, thank you very much for your interest and your help. For a bee friendly garden, try not to mow the lawn too much so that the bees can feed on native flowers and don't use pesticides. We also tend to forget that bees need a constant source of water, and that is easy to provide ! You...more
Thank you very much William. I also think we need more applied research in beekeeping.
Hi Peter, your project sounds very interesting as well, I hope it's going well I'm looking forward to see your results.
Because we want to minimize the cost of this project and because we are only allowed to keep a limited number of hives in the Uni, we were thinking about using 3 hives per treatment. Then we will take a few hundreds of bees from those hives (newly emerged bees, they don't have the scent of their ...more
Thank you very much for your comment. I do not really know if you can pay by Paypal....
Merci beaucoup pour votre, où pourrons-nous trouver les résultats de votre test?
Thank you for the link !
Thank you for your comment Christophe. Indeed the intestine microbiata is a major topic and it has been very poorly studied so far. It is good that you are looking at it.