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I went to the groundbreaking for the Empire Outlets today on assignment and I was feeling really pissed and weary and a touch angry (ok, more than a touch) that i had to entertain these men in suits who fought so hard to bring 'shopping' to staten island in a way that will 'fix our lack of tourism'... these very same people were completely unaffected by the old growth trees that were felled at Mount Manresa... so, i felt really upset and was going to wallow my disappointment away in some chinese food and then i was like, fuck that.... i am gonna donate to seth's project because that actually matters. so, yeh. thank you for the work you do. my donation is fairly humble in size but i support this research and hope to see you go far! -hb
Apr 16, 2015
An environmental DNA (eDNA) approach to discovering life in NYC Ponds
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