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Brilliant! Having worked in the field I'm glad to see someone who is exposing the lack of science in wastewater treatment.
Why is there no uproar in the scientific and medical community about sewage sludge dumped in the forest and being used on food crops?
Eastern Washington deer are dying from, "Blue Tongue." It is caused from a gnat bite. Where do the gnats get the "Blue tongue," and can it be passed on to humans?
Yakima County has applied over thousands of acres with sludge, some on food crops. Newhouse Farms is one farm using sludge. Yakima Health District gives farms permits to apply sludge. When Yakima Health District officials were questioned whether they tested the sludge or not, their reply was-"No...more
Yakima , WA, Health district is giving farmers permits to put sewage sludge on food crops. Shame on them!
Wow, that is nasty. Hard to believe Ecology gets away with calling sludge being used "beneficially"