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Can you explain RDS software and what it does for you? Other researchers with enquiring minds want to know.
So what's the next step? Can't let all that energy and enthusiasm go to waste!
If there is one message everyone should take away from this project, it's that the clients are as Luna says, "real people," very like us. Sometimes we're not even aware of the subtle messages we get constantly about "the poor," "drug addicts," Those People. In fact, any of us could easily be in...more
The wider world is finally waking up to this situation. See NY Times article of Oct. 13 2017, a double-page spread, "Overdose in the Bronx Spur A Quiet, Brutal War" by Jose DeIreal.
Nice beginning. What does it mean that so many people are from Puerto Rico? Are we gonna get to read transcripts of some of the longer interviews? Or are they all short answer?
Did people explain to you why--before using The Hole--they usually injected alone? And for those of us who don't know much, are other methods of using heroin that you mention actually safer? Or do they pose their own hazards?--hanna