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Jakub Sindelar


University of Turin, Collegio Carlo Alberto

Ph.D. candidate


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Published on Jun 09, 2016

World Cup of Blood Doping

In my previous lab note I have pinpointed the most extreme values one can find in the leaked IAAF database. Today, I will focus on nationalities. Since the database (anonymized for my research) con...

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Published on May 16, 2016

Economics of doping 201

One of the most common beliefs among sport fans is that when everyone dopes the effect of doping cancels out, therefore doping does not necessarily lead to an unfair competition. Nowadays we know t...

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Thanks for question. This is a very general and simplistic model, just to give you the idea behind economics of doping. It is trying to capture the root of the problem. I will also write another lab notes that will cover more "real" situations with heterogenous agents etc.