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Johnny, it has been such a pleasure, delight, and learning experience to read your lab notes . You all made us feel the excitement of super moments as if we were right there with you. Thank you for the time and effort in busy days to keep us informed of your events!! Much appreciated and good luc...more
John, you make us readers feel the excitement as if we were right beside you on the boat!! Awesome reporting!! 😋K
I would have been totally freaked out knowing a whale was right under the boat. We're any of you scared... or just euphoric being that close to your observed whale? K
Wow, Johnny.... You are quite skilled with the insight and words to define it!! I hope you publish these pieces sometime soon! Go for it! Your lab notes are book worthy also and I really look forward to read and to learn more about the sea life around you (and not far from us here in San Diego c...more
It's so exciting, John, to read your accounts (and those of others)!! The details you provide add to the joy and the education for those of us less lucky to see the wonders that you experience. Many thanks to you all for sharing your wealth of events with us!!!!😊 K
I can only imagine the excitement that all felt with the big blue so close! What memories you all now share!! K
It's so exciting to know that you are now underway and right here in San Diego where we live (though we are 31 miles north of the city proper). Godspeed and Good Luck in your planned endeavors!! We look forward to occasional updates when you can. Karen Campbell