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Hi Eugenio,Heres a bit of dosh to help take your work forward,good to see you are doing this,& good to see you have people like Dennis helping to promote your cause,I don't know if I told you that it was Dennis who forwarded my query about the role of endogenous DMT in Bipolar mania to Dr Jace Calloway at Kiuopo.I really look forward to seeing your completed work in English.I now believe that we produce Bufoentine in the lungs(as rabbits do)I believe that this is then transported by cerebrospinal fluid to the brain where it is converted by either methyl transferase enzymes to 5MeODMT or to N-N DMT.I believe that when as is the case in mania,the production of melatonin is disrupted the change is to 5MeODMT,I think this is a neuro protetive mechanism,what do you think?Good luck with the fund raising.Luv 1Wheel
Aug 27, 2014
Why does our body produce one of the most potent hallucinogens?
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