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Published on Mar 29, 2024

Open Source Experiment Design Plans

Appropriate technologies improve lives. Accessibility to appropriate technologies is important for everyone. When appropriate technologies can help mitigate toxicity in the environment, accessibili...

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Published on Mar 22, 2024

Stormwater Mycofiltration Experiment

After several months of planning and co-designing with the student scientists, they tested the myco-filter socks they created with a controlled mock stormwater runoff event experiment.Student scien...

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Published on Mar 02, 2024

Mushroom Microscopy & Mycoremediation

Mushroom Microscopy & MycoremediationIn this STEM experiment class the students got a crash course in mushroom microscopy.First, we conducted a mushroom survey on the school campus and were exc...

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Published on Feb 18, 2024

We Made Myco-Filter Socks!

After learning the basics of fungal biology and ecology as well as about bioremediation, the students all came together to construct their myco-filter socks on the 29th of January 2024 for their my...

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Published on Jan 23, 2024

Fruitful experiment

Fruitful experimentStudent-scientists experimented with inoculation of different substrates in glass jars. The substrate choices were student-scientist led. Jars were inoculated before winter break...

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Published on Nov 15, 2023

Meet & Greet with Students

Meet & Greet with StudentsLast week Thursday, November 9th, the students met with members of the team to hold their first meet-and-greet.The students all got a chance to say what they already k...

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Published on Oct 09, 2023

Wood Substrate Experiment

QUESTION:What is the best local substrate to fill the post-fire myco-filter sock with? PROBLEM/CONTEXT:Conventional silt socks are oftentimes filled with imported woody biomass. Hawaiʻi is the end...

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