Peter Ceglarek

Peter Ceglarek

Study Coordinator

Healthy Minds Network, University of Michigan

I am a graduate of the University of Michigan’s Department of Psychology (Honors B.S., 2014) and School of Public Health (M.P.H., Health Behaviors and Health Education, 2016), with a long-standing interest in mental health research and promotion among youth. I have worked as a clinical intern for inpatient psychiatry at Kingswood Hospital in Detroit, have published his own research on the mental health impacts of youth’s social networking site use, have helped create web-apps and educational seminars on sexual and mental health for gender and sexual minority youth with the Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities, and have been involved with numerous community and self-directed media projects focusing on youth empowerment. My goal is to promote the development and wide-dissemination of innovative, entertaining, and engaging media to promote youth empowerment, mental health, and social well-being. I assist with the management and coordination of the Healthy Minds Study and other projects with HMN, and am very excited by the Network’s growing success and impact.

December 2016
Ann Arbor, MI


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