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These are things we hope to quantify through our experiment which would be done in an isolated, simulated-seawater environment in order to avoid any such risks and allow for regular sampling to monitor the reaction products.
In some informal discussions, Thomas Goreau talks about how its possible that under the generation of brucite, due to high pH at the cathode, the main reactions would be: Mg++ + 2OH- = Mg(OH)2 Ca++ + CO3-- = CaCO3 OH- + HCO3- = CO3-- + H2O 2H2O + 2Cl- = H2 + Cl2 + 2OH- instead of H2O + Cl- = 2H+ ...more
Hi Paul! There is some discussion that theorizes that by selectively producing brucite, the generation of hydrogen ions responsible for carbon emission can be limited and the overall process becomes carbon negative. To my knowledge, there is little to no exploration into this and so my aim is to...more