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I have read the interesting rebuttal and I have read your response. I have also backed your project (so I'm a little biased towards your point of view). I definitely want to see this experiment produce important results. My only concern is (and always has been) the focus on the physiological response (at the possible cost of the implications of the perceptual response). For example, if the receptor is set to fire withing x nm to y nm range and you extend what that range is... what will the perceptual response be? There is the distinct possibility that the range of physical stimuli to which we are receptive will expand, but the actual perception of that physical stimuli range will not differ at all from what we normally perceive. I have read your original proposals and I am confident that you have taken this into consideration and have methods to detect changes in the perceptual range. However, if you would like any other ideas along these lines, feel free to contact me and I will be glad to discuss them further. Keep up the fantastic effort.
Aug 26, 2014
Can we biologically extend the range of human vision into the near infrared?
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