William J. Davis

William J. Davis

Kent State University

Post doctoral research fellow


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Only tangentially related, but I thought I'd pass this along: Chemistry of Pumpkins http://cen.acs.org/articles/93/i40/Periodic-Graphics-Chemistry-Pumpkins.html
Oct 24, 2016
Preserved pumpkin as a scientific time capsule? Fungal and chemical analysis of pumpkin preserve from 1920
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Here's an article that might be relevant: Longcore Joyce E. (2005) Zoosporic fungi from Australian and New Zealand tree-canopy detritus. Australian Journal of Botany 53, 259-272. http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/BT04048
Oct 14, 2016
Hitchhiking in the canopy : exploring the fungal microbiome of cloud forest trees.
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