iGEM 2019 Challenge


In 2010, the founders of Experiment participated in iGEM and their experience inspired the creation of this crowdfunding platform. We are providing free 1-on-1 coaching for all iGEM teams on campaign strategy, proposal review, and video support.

The Projects

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Enhancing hydrogen production in Rhodobacter sphaeroides for use as an economically viable biofuel

We aim to create a novel biological chassis that exploits both fermentative and photosynthetic pathways...

Paper-based detection device for spoiled milk

We are developing a paper-based cell free system that detects spoiled milk. Relying on the detection of...

Engineering rhizobacteria to improve crop yields and drought resistance in legumes

Fertilizers used in agriculture have significant environmental effects like toxic algal blooms and biodiversity...

Spatially controlling attachment of functional proteins to bacterial cellulose using optogenetics

The bacterium Komagataeibacter rhaeticus has the ability to naturally produce bacterial cellulose (BC) which...

Transforming Styrofoam waste into biodegradable plastic

The primary objective of the project is to create an industrially-comparable method of producing PHA, a...

More About This Challenge

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Submission Deadline:
Apr 02, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

How do challenge grants work?

This challenge is for projects that launch crowdfunding campaigns before the 2019 iGEM Jamboree.

Can I still submit a project?

We are accepting projects on a rolling basis. To participate submit an Experiment project and email support@experiment.com to be considered for the challenge.

Challenge Aims

This is a challenge for iGEM teams participating in the 2019 Jamboree.

For an iGEM team without financial support, it is nearly impossible to get started. It takes money to make money. With a small amount of money a team of scientists can produce preliminary data to attract more money. Without a starting pool, it is nearly impossible to make a case in our current funding environment.

As iGEM alumni, we think as a community we can make the entry to the synthetic biology field more equitable. Regardless of your team's experience or age, we will support your team.

For new teams, we will support you in raising your first money to complete your first experiments.

For existing teams, we will support you in raising the funds that complete meaningful milestones for your experiments. Teams commonly use Experiment to supplement existing funds.

iGEM Project Statistics
Proposals created: 61
Projects Launched: 40
Projects Successfully Funded: 20
Funding Success Rate: 50%
Average Failed Project Budget: $4,486
Average Successful Project Budget: $2,663

Teams in the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia will be paid out in the local currency. Teams outside of these countries will be paid out through Paypal.

You can read about why iGEM changed everything for the Experiment founders.

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Project Eligilibity

All teams registered for the 2019 iGEM competition are eligible for this Research Challenge. If you are not registered for the competition, but still would like to participate submit a request to support@experiment.com

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