Training a new generation of scientific beekeepers

Evan A. Sugden

University of Washington

This project was funded on:
2 November 2012
It all get's down to how important bees are in the environment and to agriculture, because it's commonly said that every third mouthful of food we consume is due to the efforts of bees.


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Meet the Researcher


My experiences are diverse. I have traveled widely. I have many skills. Below is a brief summary of my professional life in resume format:

- 1976. B.A. Biology, University of Utah.
- 1984. Ph.D., Entomology, University of California, Davis. Thesis: Ecology of perturbations in natural plant-pollinator systems.
- 1984-85. Apicultural development scientist, Honey Production International, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Focus: development of honey-producing apiaries; investigation of indigenous apiculture and native bee ecology.
- 1985-87. NSF-funded postdoctoral scholar, Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia. Focus: ecology of native bee-honey bee interactions.
- 1987-88. Technical Assistant, Exotic Pest Program, California Department of Food and Agriculture. Focus: development of exotic pest profiles; assisted in administration and field work for Medfly and Oriental Fruit Fly eradication programs.
- 1988-92. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Weslaco, Texas. Focus: research on ecology and impact of Africanized (\"Killer\"") Bees.
- 1993-94. Kentucky State University. Visiting researcher. Focus: honey bee parasites and their control.
- 1995 - 1997. Consultant in editing, illustration, exhibit design.
- 1997 - present. Entrepreneur, small business owner. Focus: management and production of solitary pollinator bees and honey bees.
- 1998-present. Instructor, Biology Dept., University of Washington, Seattle and Tacoma. Focus: Entomology, Ecology, Bees & Beekeeping.
Other teaching appointments: Edmunds Community College, 2006; University of Oregon, 2010.

Participation is the key to progress (and to pleasure!) By involving yourself as a supporter you are part of our community and will be helping to make the world a better place. Our project is exciting and fun on top of a great deal of study, learning, skills development, and creative drudgery (not to mention an occasional bee sting!) As a supporter, we offer you a special WELCOME and encourage you to join us in whatever capacity you desire!

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