Biomaker Bench - Community Biolab in Indiana

Peter Mercado

This project ended on:
19 September 2013
Wouldn’t it be remarkable if your 7 year old could do the work of a Nobel-prize winning scientist? Wouldn’t it be amazing if this could happen in your community? Wouldn’t it be extraordinary if this were the national standard for education? And wouldn't it be great if you could participate with them?


Budget Overview

We have retained a lawyer who will help us develop and submit the 501(c)3 paperwork. This will cost about $1000.

Another $1000 will allow us to rent space for the first month. After the first month we will charge a monthly per-user fee, charge fees for workshops, and seek donations for future rent.

Another $1000 will help us purchase the supplies needed for the first workshops.

$1,500 will help the Purdue iGEM Team develop their project in this space to serve as an anchor project for the community lab that will provide ideas and opportunities for primary, high school, and college students, and community members to work on and learn from.

About another $500 will be used for a website and media to document the development of our lab and show people learning and working in it - to show the excitement and the possibilities to the community.

Any excess funds will go right back into the lab as rent, equipment, supplies, or whatever else is most urgent.

Meet the Researcher


Peter participated in the Science Bound program, which works with students in the Indianapolis Public School system to encourage them to pursue science, technology, engineering and math careers. “Science Bound was a wonderful experience, a life-changing experience. It really has shaped my life,” he says. That drew him to campus most summers, as well as in between. Read more about Peter here.

Project Backers

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