How Did Feasting Promote Cooperation between Cultures in the Ancient Andes?

Kasia Szremski

Vanderbilt University

This project ended on:
9 September 2013
How did people manage agricultural resources in the past? What kind of strategies can be used to share resources and avoid conflict?


Budget Overview

Funds will be used to pay for:Soil analysis (i.e. Pollen, Phytolith, and Starch Grain analysis)radiocarbon analysisopen access publishing fees

Meet the Researcher


I am a PhD Candidate in archaeology at Vanderbilt University working to finish my dissertation. I fell in love with archaeology when I was in elementary school and my grandmother took me to see an exhibit of Pre Columbian art at the Art Institute in Chicago. I remember listening to her explain the iconography of the Yaya-Mama statues from Bolivia and thinking, I want to be able to do that someday! This passion lead me to a high school internship at the Field Museum in Chicago and from there to the University of Chicago where I completed my BA in Anthropology, and now I am just a few steps away from completing my PhD at Vanderbilt University. I have 10 years of archaeological field experience working in Peru, and am fluent in Spanish.

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