Quick Extender Pro Review: The Features I Like as a User(My Results 6 Months)

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Quick Extender Pro is my favorite device for penis enlargement. A lot of men use it to fix a curved penis. You can choose from 4 packages available to make your penis bigger or straighten it. Quick Extender Pro is a classic rod penis extender device that holds your penis glans using silicone tubes connected to the support piece. You will find a lot of comfort pads in the packages to make your penis enlargement and straightening routine safe and comfortable.

You must wear the device daily to get the first results in 30-45 days. You will see permanent penis enlargement or straightening. You will need to assemble the device correctly before use.

Here the steps;

1. Measure your user size(subtract 1.6 inches from the size of your erected penis)

2. Decide how many silicone tubes to use(1,2)

3. Add bars according to your user size

Here's how to put on the Quick Extender Pro:

1. Compress the springs

2. Insert the penis in 1 or 2 silicone loops(use comfort pads or memory comfort pads)

3. Tighten the silicone loops

4. Decompress the springs (check out the tension force) using the indication


Quick Extender Pro can be used safely during 6-12 months. I have used this device for half a year and am satisfied with the results. I have added 3 inches to my penis size. I used a basic penis enlargement routine 3-4 hours a day. It was hard to wear the device during the adaption period, but using it during the active phase was easier.

The best place to use the device is at home. But Quick Extender Pro is very comfortable and compact. Here's the list of all its features and benefits:

1. The device is lightweight so that you can wear it for hours

2. You can choose the best package with different sets of accessories

3. Memory Foam Pads are the best method to get comfort when wearing the device

4. The penis pump included in the deluxe kit

5. You can use different tension springs for best results(3000, 3500 or 4000g)

Why rod penis extenders are better than vacuum adhesive

First of all, I need to ыфн that classical penis extenders work much more effectively than vacuum adhesive devices because the tension is more accurate, and you can achieve quick results.

Yes, vacuum penis extenders are more comfortable. But you will need 8-12 months to enlarge your penis. You can gain up to 2 inches with a vacuum penis extender or 3 inches with a rod penis extender.

Visit the official Quick Extender Pro website to order the device with a 20% discount


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