Goodbye Bioethanol! Time For Affordable Biogasoline and Biodiesel!

Cun Wen | Elizabeth Barrow

University of South Carolina

This project was funded on:
11 July 2014
While bioethanol continues to possibly replace a significant portion of gasoline and diesel as transportation fuel, the cost of bioethanol is still substantially higher than that of petroleum-based fuels. The technology developed in our laboratory will reduce the cost of non-ethanol biofuels by increasing the efficiency of biofuel production. With your support, this novel technology can be optimized and scaled up for large scale production.


Budget Overview

The $7,000 funds will be used for the following purposes:

  1. Experimental materials and equipment which include a) chemicals and gases required for the tests, b) necessary parts and consumables for the reaction system, and c) a tube furnace for the reactor ($5,000)
  2. Technical fees for characterizing catalysts and products ($1,000)
  3. Travel expenses for disseminating the results in regional or national conferences to attract collaborations and investments ($1,000)

We are very grateful that the Office of the Vice President for Research at the University of South Carolina is kindly providing dollar-for-dollar matched funding from to boost our project. As a result, we are seeking to raise $3,500 of the necessary $7,000. In the end, every dollar you contribute is really worth two!

Meet the Researcher


Cun's research background is in energy catalysis with a focus on understanding reaction mechanisms and catalyst synthesis. After his Ph. D study at the East China University of Science and Technology, Cun joined the University of Notre Dame du lac and the University of South Carolina to pursue his research in energy catalysis.

During his research at USC, Cun worked with Dr. Jochen Lauterbach and Dr. Jason Hattrick-Simpers to develop novel biofuel production technology, which aligns with the goal of the SAGE center (Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity) at USC. The SAGE center is directed by Dr. Lauterbach, and is steered toward "providing sustainable solutions to the industrial based research problems".

Every backer who pledges any amount has access to our lab notes we will post through & can follow our research through the site. Additionally, to acknowledge your support of research to improve people's daily life, we have few rewards for you:
Top 20 donors - a souvenir USB memory stick from the SAGE center!
Top 10 donors - a souvenir USB memory stick from the SAGE center, name or company at your choice to be mentioned in our academic conference presentations.
Top 2 donors - a souvenir USB memory stick from the SAGE center, name or company at your choice to be mentioned in our academic conference presentation, acknowledgement of name or company at your choice in our next academic paper.

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