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San Francisco, CA

Formerly UCLA and the University of Utah


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Cool! Excited to see some mini houses
PS these photos are awesome, but they're not showing up in the lab note for me (I had to follow their links). Maybe there's another way you can upload them?
Donald, this is cool! This is a bit of a tangent, but how does your approach compare to someone's who's doing cartilage tissue engineering? Obviously cell types will be different. Scaffold materials too, maybe. Any subtler differences? Who has the harder problem? Thank you, and keep up the great ...more
This is great! Has this idea (of using bacteria to help native plant life grow) been around for a while? I feel like this is something farmers would come up with. Was it the farmers?
..... 'm curious as to how you'll "manipulate altruistic norms" during a game, while a participant is in the scanner. Do you have an example of how you'd do that? Good stuff! (I hit enter by accident, hence the double comment)
These are good questions! What if someone just responds "twitter" to #5, for example. Can you ask them to be more specific? I imagine twitter is hard to bucket because you have every kind of information source mixed in.
Reply to:Gavin EdwardsGavin Edwards
Got it, thanks Gavin! 3 quick things: elaborating on my original question, if air is static in the xy direction (because of a heat island, say), can ozone and other molecules still move in the z direction? This is what I meant by 'settling.' If they can move in the z direction, then I can see wh...more
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